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Why women execs thrive in emerging markets

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Women may have an easier time climbing the corporate ladder in emerging nations as opposed to developed economies, according to a new research, which showed there is more value placed on skills such as intuition and creativity in the latter.

C Suisse to face tax evasion panel

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The chief of Credit Suisse will square off on Wednesday against U.S. Senator Carl Levin as the veteran congressional investigator releases his latest findings on offshore tax evasion.



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Failed hedge fund sues Citigroup

A failed hedge fund, whose manager was jailed for fraud, sued Citigroup over allegations the bank undervalued assets when it closed out trades at the height of the 2008 financial crisis.

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Supercomputers said to entice Wall Street

You may soon be able to see every conceivable outcome of a wager, say on interest rates, over many time horizons - thanks to computers that rely on the uncertainty at the root of all matter.