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New York orders Ford to clean toxic dump site

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Ford Motor Co. must remove nearly all of the toxic paint sludge trucked from its former Mahwah plant-one the largest auto plant in the world-and dumped in Rockland County, reported Saturday.

Big hedge fund feasts on Lehman, Greek bonds

Gold Dollar

One of the largest hedge fund firms in the world continues to make money quietly by focusing on beat up loans-despite the general perception that bonds have little to offer investors.

High-frequency trading firm Virtu postpones IPO

Michael Lewis - Flash Boys

High-frequency trading firm Virtu on Thursday postponed its planned initial public offering, a source tells CNBC. The move comes amid increased scrutiny over the trading practice and a broadly soft IPO market.

Hedge funds suffer worst start to year since 2008

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Hedge funds have suffered their worst start to the year in performance terms since the financial crisis, as returns in March and January were both in the red after a volatile quarter for equities, new data reveal.