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Roger Federer Leads Calls For Biological Passports to Catch Drug Cheats

Roger Federer At The US Open

When Roger Federer this week called for the introduction of biological passports in tennis, the man with the most polished image in the sport hit a clean winner. As the most popular player in the world, an influential member of the ATP players' council, the owner of 17 grand slam titles and a magnet for high-level endorsements that lift his annual earnings beyond $50m (£32.2m) a year Federer is listened to at all levels of the game.

Lamont Peterson's Comeback Highlights Boxing's Sterility Over Steroids

Boxing Gloves

Boxing has an almost insoluble dilemma. Suspicions have been rife for the past few years that several top-flight boxers use performance-enhancing drugs (a couple have even been caught, while others have proclaimed their innocence, in and out of court), but the cancellation of a major fight costs fighters and their connections – as well as promoters and their television backers – so many millions that there is little collective will for discovery.



Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot announces prize money increase of 18% to a record £6.85m

Every day at Royal Ascot this summer will be a £1m day following a decision at the Queen’s racecourse to ramp up prize money for the famous week of action in June. An extra £1m in prize money is to be added to purses, taking the total for the five race-days to more than £6.5m and ensuring that at least £1m will be, as it were, redistributed each afternoon.