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FCC approves $48.6bn sale of DirecTV to AT&T

For Sale

The Federal Communications Commission has approved the acquisition of DirecTV by rival AT&T for $48.5bn, but with one especially large catch that the regulator’s chairman, Tom Wheeler, said “would directly benefit consumers”: the new mega-company has to build a network 10 times the size of AT&T’s current network of fiber optic cable.

Toshiba chiefs quit over $1.2bn accounting scandal


Toshiba's chief executive and vice-chairman have resigned in the wake of an independent report on the company's 152 billion yen ($1.2 billion) accounting scandal, which accused the management of padding profits.



James Dyson interview pic

Technicians: industry’s unsung heroes

Pictured seated in a workshop, visor raised, 20-year-old Sophy Bage gazes resolutely across the room. Hair drawn back tightly into a ponytail, bright yellow earplugs just visible, a small smile steals across her illuminated face. She looks completely at home – and well she might. Because Bage is a welder.