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Richard Branson

Virgin's Branson Dons A Dress After Losing Bet

Virgin chief executive Richard Branson made his debut as a female flight attendant this weekend, donning a stewardess' uniform and serving drinks to passengers after he lost a bet with a fellow airline magnate.

Merge lanes road sign

Bayer CEO: I don't feel the need to join M&A fever

Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers told CNBC he did not feel a need to make acquisitions, as U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer confirmed it had make a second bid approach toAstraZeneca , potentially creating a $100 billion-plus merger.

Reading The News

A New Day for women at the Mirror

So print is dead – but here comes a new print paper: New Day from Trinity Mirror, starting cheap (20p) and working its way up, a sort of i for Mail and Express readers.