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Young bankers help those in need

Lion in South Africa

The founders of the Resolution Project don’t dwell on generosity or charity when they describe why their non-profit mentors and funds young leaders. They favour the language of finance.

Forex lawsuits filed against UBS

UBS building

UBS said on Tuesday several class action lawsuits relating to a probe into possible manipulation of the foreign exchange market had been filed against it and other banks.

Martoma - 'victim of a rush to judgement'

American courtroom

Former SAC Capital Advisors fund manager Mathew Martoma was portrayed by his lawyer as the victim of a 'rush to judgement' by prosecutors looking to use him to bring insider-trading charges against his former boss, Steven A. Cohen.



Prison Bars

Ex-trader Tom Hayes to contest 14-year jail term

Tom Hayes, the former UBS trader given a 14 year-prison term for manipulating Libor, returns to court this week to try to persuade the U.K.’s top judge to overturn one of the longest sentences ever issued in Britain for a white-collar crime.