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Mindfulness matters

Mindfulness may seem a million miles away from the fast-paced, always-on Square Mile, but more and more organisations are finding it’s just what their employees need to cope.

spin workout

Bloomberg - Traders get on their bikes for autism

Suited up in a white sweat-wicking jersey and compression shorts, Chris Marino steered into a rest stop near mile 44 of the trading industry’s annual fall bike ride for autism research. Colleagues and friends in matching apparel pulled up alongside him Saturday, some grousing about the punishing hills on the 62-mile course.



Ex-HSBC trader faces fierce questioning, holds his ground

Former HSBC trader Mark Johnson adamantly denied he “ramped” a $3.5 billion foreign-currency order against a client, insisting he “wasn’t aware” that traders he supervised had already begun purchasing pounds at least 90 minutes before the 2011 transaction.