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JPMorgan settles $681m oil lawsuit

Oil Barrels

JPMorgan said it tentatively settled a lawsuit by Texas mineral-rights owners who claim the bank bilked them out of fair compensation for the chance to drill on shale-rich land, to the tune of $681m.

JPMorgan's $9bn whistle-blower breaks secrecy

Jamie Dimon

A former deal manager at JPMorgan Chase who was laid off in 2008 said she witnessed a "massive criminal securities fraud" while working at the bank during the years that lead up to the financial crisis but was forced to stay silent, according to Rolling Stone.



A parking ticket

Banker denies wrongdoing

A London banker hired by Libya to manage more than $800m is being sued over claims he misappropriated assets the country had invested before the revolution to support a lavish lifestyle.

Bernie Madoff

$2.5bn Madoff compensation goes unclaimed

Ever since Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme collapsed in 2008, it’s been much-rumored that investors included tax dodgers shielding money from the IRS, drug dealers who laundered proceeds through the con man and wealthy moguls hiding assets from ex-spouses.