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Martoma begins prison sentence for insider trading

Prison Bars

Mathew Martoma has started his nine-year prison term for insider trading at a “low security” federal prison in Miami at a time that most of the former hedge fund traders and analysts also convicted in the federal government’s long-running investigation have paid their debt to society.

BofA accused banker murders latest


A court in Hong Kong on Monday adjourned the trial of a 29-year-old British banker charged with killing two women until July because of the length of time needed for prosecutors to prepare their case.

RBS stressed out again

RBS building

Royal Bank of Scotland has said it overstated a key capital ratio in last month’s European stress test, sending the stock briefly to a three-week low.

ECB said to drop Citigroup from FX group

Citi Building Sign

The European Central Bank has dropped Citigroup from its experts' working group on foreign exchange, days after the U.S. bank was fined by U.S. and UK regulators for failing to stop traders from trying to manipulate the currency market.



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Tom Hayes' family: Our fight will go on

The father of convicted Libor trader Tom Hayes has said that fresh evidence could clear his son’s name, and claimed that a conspiracy between the political and legal establishments has made a scapegoat out of the former UBS and Citigroup trader.