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A $425m jackpot for Wall Street whistleblowers

Blowing Whistle

Seems like everywhere you turn these days, there's a whistleblower breaking their silence and blowing the whistle on some form of wrongdoing. But, surprisingly, what we don't hear much about are Wall Street whistleblowers tapping into a giant $425 million jackpot just waiting to be distributed.

London to put limits on underground mansions

Bad Bonus Pool

For years, the London rich have been on a subterranean building spree. Rather than building up, which often violated zoning rules, they built down, carving out underground swimming pools, cinemas, Ferrari museums and personal spas. Brits came to call them "iceberg homes" since most of their mass was hidden below the surface.

Law firms paying out hefty bonuses

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Law firms are again paying big annual bonuses to lawyers who have put in years of working long hours on corporate deal documents, litigation papers and complex contracts.

Court revives CDO case against UBS


A New York state appeals court on Tuesday revived a lawsuit accusing UBS of fraudulently causing $331m of losses from collateralised debt obligations issued before the financial crisis.

Pimco fund redemptions slow

Bill Gross Interview Pic

Pacific Investment Management Co.’s biggest mutual fund suffered $9.5bn in withdrawals in November, the second full month after the surprise departure of former manager Bill Gross.



Moscow Traffic

Trader arrest said linked to Russian probe of Deutsche Bank

A former shareholder of Promsberbank, a lender whose license was revoked last year, was arrested in Moscow earlier this month as regulators probe trades handled by Deutsche Bank that may have been used to launder money, according to two people with knowledge of the investigation.