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A win for UBS in job cuts case

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UBS has won a London lawsuit filed by an asset management firm that said that investment banking job cuts at the bank undermined a joint venture.

London city jobs at record high


TheCityUK’s new London Employment Survey, released Monday, shows that the financial and related professional services industry has continued its strong recovery.

Champagne trader gets 7 years


He used over £2 million of investors’ money to fund his lifestyle. He spent over £1 million in a casino, over £200,000 on designer watches and shoes, £60,000 on foreign travel, and over £600,000 in bars and nightclubs in London, Miami and New York.

DC has target on Wall Streeters: Evercore CEO

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren's, D-Mass., success in defeating President Barack Obama 's pick for a prominent position in the Treasury Department is symptomatic of Washington's attitude toward would-be wealthy government appointees, Evercore Partners' CEO told CNBC on Friday.