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Morgan Stanley back in the spotlight

Morgan Stanley HQ

Since the financial crisis, Wall Street firms have argued that they were victims, just like everybody else, of the bad mortgages that were churned out by subprime lenders like Countrywide and New Century.

Goldman and clients said face losses from bank loan

Money On Hook

Goldman Sachs and several of its clients stand to lose hundred of millions of dollars from a loan made to Banco Espírito Santo just weeks before the lender collapsed in August, after the Bank of Portugal said the claim won’t be honoured by Novo Banco, the 'good bank' carved out of BES.



Thumbs Up At Desk

Hedge fund gains as computer says 'yes' (and 'no')

For Kyo Yamamoto, leaving investment choices to a computer rather than making his own calls has been the best strategy as unorthodox global monetary policies only worsen market volatility. Right now, the machine says sell Japan government bonds.

Now Hiring

People News: Goldman Sachs, C Suisse, Nomura

Goldman Sachs hired Sarah-Marie Martin as a partner in its financial-sponsors group, luring away a Credit Suisse banker who works with the world’s largest private-equity firms, according to a person with knowledge of the hire.