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Gross admits Pimco fired him

Bill Gross Interview Pic

Bill Gross said he was fired from Pacific Investment Management Co., the first time he’s publicly confirmed that he was dismissed from the firm he co-founded in 1971.

Top hedge fund has a big year

Hedge Fund

In a year where many hedge funds posted unimpressive returns, Citadel, the Chicago money-management giant known for its swift movement and out-of-stock positions, generated more than 23 percent returns in its equity hedge fund and almost 18 percent in its multi-strategy flagship funds, Kensington and Wellington, according to someone who reviewed the numbers.




Why you aren’t going to lose your job to AI

Artifical intelligence (A.I.) isn't likely to take your job any time soon, in fact it's going to make your work a lot more rewarding, according to the CEO of a company that automates basic tasks using a digital workforce.