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Two JPMorgan whistleblowers set to share $61m

JPMorgan Chase

Two whistle-blowers are set to share a record $61 million award from the Securities and Exchange Commission for helping make the case that JPMorgan Chase failed to disclose to wealthy clients that it was steering them into investments that would be most profitable for the bank.


Frankfurt Skyline

Citi choses Frankfurt

Citigroup has chosen Frankfurt as its newest trading hub in the European Union and plans to present that option to its board of directors this week for approval, according to a person with knowledge of the decision.

Lloyd Blankfein

Goldman traders find it tougher going

Goldman Sachs traders turned in their worst first-half performance since Lloyd Blankfein rose from that business to become chief executive officer in 2006 as second-quarter revenue from the fixed-income unit plunged 40 percent.