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Piper Jaffray beef up investment banking

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Piper Jaffray has announced the hiring of Chris Geyer and Tim Shea. Based in Minneapolis, Geyer and Shea will be part of the firm’s diversified industrials & services investment banking group.

RBS could rob us of the chance to see Fred Goodwin grilled in court

The Titanic

What spoilsports they are at Royal Bank of Scotland. We’ve waited years to hear again from Fred Goodwin and Sir Tom McKillop, chief executive and chairman of the bank when it sank in 2008. Now the board wants to kill the legal case that could see the duo, plus two other former directors, cross-examined in court.


Lloyd Fonzie Blankfein

Words and wisdom from Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein

Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein was interviewed by Jeff Cunningham, professor of global leadership at Thunderbird School of Global Management and they discussed the company’s role in the financial crisis, corporate governance, and protecting firm reputation in this decidedly anti-business environment.

Jon Corzine

NYTimes - Jon Corzine on comeback trail

It has been years since the last major high note in Jon Corzine’s career. In 2011, he faced the ignominy that came with the collapse of the brokerage firm he ran, MF Global, when about $1 billion of customer money temporarily went missing. It ranked as one of the largest Wall Street bankruptcies since Lehman Brothers’.


Larry Fink Interview Pic

BlackRock: Some of Larry Fink's golden rules

Larry Fink has taken BlackRock from eight executives in a single room in 1988 to running more than $5 trillion in clients' money, more than any asset manager on Earth — even more than Vanguard.