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The world has glimpsed financial crisis. But is the worst to come?

The Titanic

They were studying the snow forecasts in Davos on Friday. But the 3,000 bankers and CEOs who had flown to the Swiss ski resort for the annual gathering of the global business elite were not interested in what conditions would be like on the slopes this weekend. Rather, they were focused on the monster blizzard stalking the US.

Deutsche Bank sued by fired trader

Pointing Finger

Deutsche Bank sought to throw out allegations of wrongdoing by 'senior individuals' at the bank that are part of a London employment lawsuit filed by a trader fired over her involvement in Libor manipulation.

JPMorgan chief receives 35% pay rise

Jamie Dimon

JPMorgan Chase paid Jamie Dimon, its chairman and chief executive, 35% more in 2015 than the previous year’s compensation package, which was only narrowly approved by shareholders.

UBS to cooperate with account probes

French Flags

The French arm of UBS pledged on Thursday to cooperate fully with French authorities looking into a list of 38,000 accounts held by French citizens at the bank in Switzerland.