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Top Firm Boss Said To Have Wanted To Be Bat Boy

The New York Post is being a bit naughty, and playing the circulation game. The newspaper says that it has got hold of some 'internal documents and e-mails' involving Morgan Stanley's Chief Technology Officer Guy Chiarello, and is publishing details on the drip, making new headlines almost every day.

Top Firm - Now You 'C' It, Now You Don't

A bit of an old story to introduce this item about Credit Suisse. Just before Christmas the firm was changing the signage atop it's main Canary Wharf building in London, in preparation for the name change from CSFB.........

Deutsche To Monitor UK Staff E-Mails

Reuters reports that Deutsche Bank is planning to engage software vendors to develop a system which will monitor UK staff e-mail traffic. The initiative is not being introduced in response to any particular event, but is rather an attempt to stamp down on possible future wrongdoing at an early stage. It will also no doubt make staff think twice before they send inappropraite e-mails out to colleagues or friends.

JP Morgan To 'Do' Citigroup

Speaking at an investor conference Tuesday, JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon told all who would listen that his firm is still putting to bed the Bank One acquisition and that, although would continue to do smaller deals 'a la' the joint venture with Cazenove and the Highbridge Capital transaction, transformational takeovers were off the table for the time being.

ABN, Lehman, Macquarie, Merrill, Morgan Stanley

Dutch bank ABN Amro posted a 2.9% fourth quarter profit to $1.5bn Tuesday. 2005 full-year profit came in up 13.4% to $5.31bn. Although the profits were generally strong, the company's shares gained just 0.7%, as there remains general concerns about the overall direction of the bank.

Enron - The 'Trial of The Century' Begins

In February, 2001, Enron Corp. was named the 'Most Innovative Company in America' for the sixth consecutive year by 'Fortune' magazine. The company ranked 18th overall in the publication's list of the nation's 535 'Most Admired Companies', and listed in the top five in 'Quality of Management', 'Quality of Products/Services' and 'Employee Talent'. 10 months later, Enron was bankrupt.

'Scandalous Allegations' Must Go - Firm On The Attack

Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) has launched a counter-offensive to that putative $1.4bn gender discrimination claim lodged against it recently in the US. The firm filed a motion before the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, Friday, to dismiss some of the claims and strike out the 'scandalous allegations' contained therein.