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Merrill Lynch - Doing Fine(s) Now

Merrill Lynch has had a bad few days on the fines front. The Wall Street firm has been rapped across the knuckles twice, and will have to fork out millions of dollars over e-mails and a call center.

Offshoring - Your Shouts

Hot on the news that JP Morgan plans to have 20% of its investment banking staff based in India by the end of next year, and the rumour that Credit Suisse's investment banking division (previously CSFB) is mulling over offshoring 5,000 jobs to lower cost locations in the next few years, we asked you for your views on offshoring. Here are some of your shouts:

Goldman Delicious

Goldman Sachs broke all the records this week when it posted its fiscal first-quarter profits. Earnings were up an incredible 64% at $2.48bn.