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Hiring - Some Fiddle, Others Learn

We seem to have a perfect market. Firms who work in the financial markets are in the money and keen to hire, and plenty of staff who are looking for a move post bonus. With hiring said to be back to boom levels and, according to some recruiters, over half of staff considering moving on, it should be a walk in the park for banks and fund managers to shoo-in the staff they need. But it's not.

Offshoring - What Are You 'Thinking' ?

The emotional debate that surrounds offshoring was turned up a notch last week with the news that Credit Suisse might be offshoring up to 5,000 administrative, IT and secretarial jobs to lower cost locations. Coming hot on the heels of the news that JP Morgan will have around 20% of its investment banking jobs in India by the end of next year, critics are up in arms that 'our jobs' are going 'over there'.

And Who Paid The Biggest Bonuses Of Them All ?

We've all heard the stories that Goldman Sachs paid out around $11.7bn in bonuses for 2005, and that the average bonus was $521,000 (as secretaries and other back office staff are unlikely to have got more than a few thousand, some BSDs did really well). But staff at a couple of other firms, both European, did OK too.

Citigroup Boss To Be Questionned

Bloomberg reports that Citigroup chief executive Sandy Weill has agreed to be questionned by US investigators in connection with Salomon Smith Barney's stock research practices.

Morgan Stanley Shareholder Seeks Severance Deal Votes

The gravy train that saw several former Morgan Stanley executives walked off with multi-million dollar severance packages last year may soon be stalled at the station. At least if firm shareholder The Amalgamated Bank Long View Collective Investment Fund (Amalgamated) has its way.