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'Legends' 5-A-Side Free Slot Winners

Six teams fought it out for the chance to go free to the Play Dream Teams Here Is The City 5-a-side 'World Cup' finals. The winning team will play the legends at the David Beckham Academy in June (usual price £5,200 plus VAT), and the second placed team will play against the legends at our City 'world cup' launch event in Finsbury Square on the 30th of March.

Celebrity Football Penalty Shoot-Out - See Who Qualified

Ever thought what it would be like to take part in a penalty shoot-out, and face off against soccer legends like Neville Southall (ex-Everton) and Hans Segers (ex-Wimbledon, and the coach to England goalkeeper Nigel Robinson) ? Well, 40 chancers now have a chance to show what they can do from the spot.

Top Firm Reorganisation Leads To Many More Jobs In India

The Financial Times reports that Deutsche Bank will have moved almost half of its global markets back-office jobs to India by the end of next year. Off the back of news about largescale offshoring projects at both Credit Suisse and JP Morgan in the last few weeks, the Deutsche news is yet another indication that 'our jobs' are going 'over there'.

City Jobs High, Bonus Clawback 'Threat'

UK 'think-tank' The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) says that the number of 'City' jobs reached a new record high in 2005. 11,600 new jobs were created last year, as the total increased to 327,600 - higher than even the levels seen during the dot-com boom of a few years back.

Credit Suisse Head Arrested In Brazil

Brazilian police are said to have arrested Peter Schaffner, the head of Credit Suisse Group's private banking unit in Brazil. Schaffner, 48, was arrested and detained last week, whilst trying to board a plane from Sao Paulo to Zurich. Six other company executives are said to be under investigation by Brazilian authorities as part of a federal money laundering probe known as 'Operation Switzerland'.

A Couple Of Hedge Fund Tales

Leeana Piscopo was the chief complaince officer at US hedge fund The Hennessee group. She has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming that she was humiliated and forced out of her job because she was pregnant. Worse is the fact that the father of her child is Alex Smith-Ryland, the hedge fund's communications director!

Deutsche, Morgan Stanley, WestLB, UBS

Deutsche Bank and UBS have been served with $2.7bn in damage claims in connection with the collapse of Italian dairy company Parmalat. Italian authorities have alleged that the banks provided false information about the company's financial position before it was forced into bankruptcy in late 2003. Both banks say that the allegations are false.

Lehman Brothers - Moving On Up

Sunday Times reporter Richard Fletcher recently met with Jeremy Isaacs, Lehman Brother's CEO for Europe and Asia. Listed below are a few of the interesting observations which came from the interview: