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Rumour Of The Day

The Times 'City Diary' has apparently heard rumours that Icap boss Michael Spencer is thinking of taking a majority stake in Championship soccer club Ipswich Town.

'Logic Bomb' Trial - Source Code Found At Home

Lawyers for Roger Duronio, the former UBS IT man accused of planting a 'logic bomb' in part of the bank's IT network which caused millions of dollars to try and put right, tried a number of avenues last week to suggest that their man was innocent.

Here Is The City Odds & Ends

BNP Paribas has confirmed that it is acquiring full ownership of New York-based fixed income fund manager Fischer Francis Trees & Watts. The firm has around $38bn under management. Deal terms have not been disclosed.

Travelling To/From Work - Your Shouts

It's been hot over in Europe during the last few days, and, predicably in London, there have been plenty of moans and groans about the heat on the underground train system. Commuters on the Central Line were said to be sweltering in temperatures of 97.5F Tuesday, and many passengers are saying that trains should have air conditioning, and that London Underground should provide free water on hot days. Some says that we treat animals better.

Sporty Graduate Gets Bad Break

After all the bad news contained in our lead story, we thought you'd appreciate some light relief. Please use our link below (not the link at the end of the video clip) to e-mail a friend.