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Job Loss Rumours & Another Trading Foul Up

The Independent reports that bankers at DrKW are likely to have a sleepless night tonight, ahead of a major announcement Thursday by German owner Allianz. Rumours abound that up to 1,000 jobs could go in the latest round of restructuring at Dresdner Bank, and that this may include be a few casualties at DrKW too.

Sandy Weill & His 'Deal With God'

In a recent interview with Citigroup Pursuits, a publication for the company's US high-net worth clients, former Citigroup chairman and CEO Sandy Weill said that he has made a deal with God, and planned to give away much of his $1.4bn fortune to worthy causes. Cynics suggest that he is more likely to have made a pact with the devil.

Rumour Of The Day

The Times 'City Diary' has apparently heard rumours that Icap boss Michael Spencer is thinking of taking a majority stake in Championship soccer club Ipswich Town.

'Logic Bomb' Trial - Source Code Found At Home

Lawyers for Roger Duronio, the former UBS IT man accused of planting a 'logic bomb' in part of the bank's IT network which caused millions of dollars to try and put right, tried a number of avenues last week to suggest that their man was innocent.