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Credit Suisse, Evercore, ING, KBW, Schroders, WestLB

Reuters reports that India's financial markets regulator has suspended Credit Suisse First Boston (India) Securities Pvt. Ltd for one month for failures to 'observe the code of conduct' relating to trades undertaken some 6 years ago. The suspension will take effect from 31st August.

Top Firm Said To Be Axing 'Several Hundred' Staff

The Times reports that 'beleaguered' German bank WestLB looks set to cut 'several hundred' more staff, most likely in Asia and South America, as it comes to terms with first-half losses of £252.7m after further loan provisions. The bank posted a £1.2bn pre-tax loss in 2002. More job cuts in Germany are also thought to be on the cards.

Sales & Trading - Latest Gossip, Scandal & News

The Wall Street Journal's 'Bids & Offers' column reported earlier this week that Credit Suisse is investigating one of its equity sales guys, who is alleged to have e-mailed hedge fund clients a trading note that is said to have included 'provocative pictures of women and se.ually suggestive puns'. Some folks never learn!

How Stupid Is This ?

Reuters reports that a Montana man argued this week that his Fourth Amendment rights means that the US government was precluded from using evidence from his work computer against him in criminal proceedings. The man has been accused of viewing images of child po.nography from his work PC.

Left-Handed People - Did You Know ?

Approximately 8 - 15% of the adult population is left-handed. Left-handed people are often thought to make better sportsmen/women, and some studies have demonstrated a positive correlation between left-handedness and creativity/intelligence. Left-handedness is also more common in males than females.

Paternity Leave - Your Shouts

'Of course paternity leave is essential. Men now do 30% of child raising and 10% of men stay at home to look after children while their partner returns to work. If women are to have equality in the workforce, then men need equality at home'.