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2006 Bonuses - More Staff Should Expect 'Doughnuts'

As we approach year-end, staff in investment banking and fund management are licking their lips at the prospect of bigger bonus payouts this year. And for some, this will be the case. Others, however, will not get much of an uplift on last year, despite the fact that this year has generally been a very good one for the industry. And those who haven't performed well in 2006 can probably expect a 'doughnut' (or 'donut'as they say in the US) bonus for their troubles.

Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch

Financial News reports that Deutsche Bank has ditched around 12,000 clients around the world as it concentrates more on companies it makes money out of. Michael Cohrs, head of global banking, told an investor conference earlier this month that 'we reorganised and focused on clients by fee potential, rather than market capitalization'.

What's Your Bosses' Biggest 'Sin' ?

CNN reports that a new survey under taken for HR Consulting firm Development Dimensions and has highlighted the 10 biggest 'boss sins'. The survey sample was 900-plus employees. Here they are:

Barbie May File Discrimination Claim

There's trouble in Toy Town. 46 year-old Barbie Doll may have sold over a one billion units worldwide, but she is said to be considering filing an age and gender discrimination suit against her makers, Mattel. She is also thought likely to throw in an harassment charge. Barbie's global sales are currently hot, but the plastic doll is said to be concerned that Mattel has not been giving her the same kind of profile competitors like Bratz give to younger rival dolls.

Biggest Rumour Ever - Video Banker & Lucy Gao To Wed!

The most sensational rumour ever swept global trading floors Friday, with speculation mounting that investment banking wannabee Aleksey Vanyer (The 'Impossible Is Nothing' man) looks set to wed former Citigroup intern Lucy Gao. There are claims that details of the wedding arrangements were leaked by someone at UBS Investment Bank in New York. A firm spokesperson has said, however, that it is not the company's policy to leak details of a personal and confidential nature.