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'Boss of The Year' Poll - How's Your Guy(s) Doing ?

CityNews is on a quest to find out how staff rate their bosses. We are asking you to vote for the CEO, Chairman or firm President that you think has done the best job this year (and it doesn't have to be your own). Anyone can vote (or nominate a boss), as long as you send in your vote from a recognised work e-mail address.

Firm Pays $4.5m 'Ransom' To Free Staff 'Hostages'

Dutch bank ABN Amro has dug deep and done a very decent thing as Christmas approaches - paying $4.5m in what is effectively a ransom to free four of its employees who have been held in Vietnam, in prison or under house arrest, in connection with a series of disputed foreign exchange trades.

After Bonuses - A Jobs Merry-Go-Round ?

Every year, around this time, there is speculation that there will be a mass exodus of staff post bonuses. And every year, although staff do take up new challenges, there is no mass exodus. Will it be any different this time ?

Traders See Shrinks To Come To Terms With Lay Offs

Well, once upon a time traders used to check into the Priory because they were suffering from BAD (Bonus Anxiety Disease). Now, it seems, they seek the help of shrinks to help them deal with the fear of losing their jobs and, in some cases, psychologists are helping ex-traders deal with painful career transition issues.

Boss of the Year - See If Your Boss Made It

We're now down to the last 16 in our 2006 'Boss of The Year' poll. The 16 remaining bosses go up against each other in 8 head-to-heads (details elsewhere on the site). In the meantime, here's a league table of who made the cut, and who didn't.

Fund Manager Shot

The Sunday Times reports that Florian Homm, the co-founder and CIO of AIM-listed Absolute Capital Management, who looks after $2.3bn in assets, is recovering after being shot by armed robbers in Caracas, Venezuela.

Call Transcripts

Sean Pignatelli, a London-based equity salesman, was yesterday finedĀ $38,000 by UK regulator The Financial Services Authority in its latest attempt to crack down on breaches of its principles - even though he was not passing on inside information to his clients. The following is a transcript of the former Credit Suisse First Boston (Europe) trader's conversations with two out of four clients who sold or short sold Boston Scientific shares on the evening of May 24 2006.

Banker Fired & Fined For Giving Insider Info Impression

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sean Pignatelli, a former US equity salesperson at Credit Suisse, has been fined $38,000 by UK regulator The Financial Services Authority (FSA) for making a series of calls to clients giving the impression that he was sharing inside information. Although the information turned out not to have been 'inside', the regulator ruled that, by passing it along in this manner, he 'failed to observe proper standards of market conduct'.

Bear, Calyon, Citadel, Citigroup, Daiwa, Scotia

Reuters reports that Bear Stearns has settled a 2002 case with US regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission in which five salespeople were accused of issuing unauthorized faxes and e-mails containing sales materials about future offerings ahead of regulatory approval declaring them effective.