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The Bonuses To The Poor Debate - Your Comments

Here's a selection of your comments on the story we ran earlier this week following remarks made by Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain that City bankers who earned big bucks should give two-thirds of their bonuses to charity:

Cost Concerns Spoil UBS Party

Oh, it's tough to be UBS. A record year in 2006 in terms of profits, and yet shareholders have become concerned about higher costs and the disappointing performance of the bank's fixed income trading unit in the fourth-quarter. Reuters says that traders have also pointed 'to weak trading at its (UBS's) hedge fund, Dillon Read Capital Management, as well as its wealth management arm in the United States weighing on the stock'.

Citigroup Dumps Umbrella Logo, Is Prince Next ?

Citigroup's announcement this week that it is to rebrand as Citi was expected. So too was the ditching of the company's umbrella logo (to be replaced by that upside down smile). The umbrella came into the fold when the company acquired Travelers Insurance in 1993. It's now going back from whence it came - sold to St Paul Travelers, the company that Travelers became in 2004.

BNP Paribas, Deutsche, Goldman, Morgan Stanley

Bloomberg reports that BNP Paribas has posted a 29% gain in fourth-quarter profits, which came in at $2.26bn. Pretax profits over at the corporate and investment banking unit rose 39% to $1.21bn, 40% of the bank's earnings in the period. The division added around 600 staff to its payroll in 2006, and is expected to be on the hire this year too.