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Ex-Amaranth Traders, Citi, Commerz, ICBC, Schroders

Reuters reports that Solengo Capital, a new hedge fund founded by former Amaranth trader Brian Hunter (yes, the man said to have lost over $6bn in just week last September in the wholesale gas market), has asked two blogs to remove the firm's marking materials from their websites.

Credit Suisse Loses Top Man

Leonhard Fischer, the man recently appointed to head Credit Suisse's European business units, is off. He will become co-CEO of Belgium-based RHJ International, part of a private equity group.

Good News For Citigroup Staff (We Think)

Citigroup has entered the ABN AMRO deal mania - not as a predator, but by joining the group of firms advising Barclays Bank. That will put paid to the rumours that Citigroup boss Chuck Prince was buckling under the pressure from senior executives to make a hostile bid himself for the Dutch bank.

Deutsche In Staff Poaching Raid Spat

The Wall Street Journal reports that Deutsche Bank looks set for some legal woes after luring away 16 fund managers from Amvescap. The group of 16 key staff are said to have been responsible for managing 20% of Amvescap's $465bn in assets.

Merrill, Goldman, ING, Legg, Nikko, Hedge Funds

Reuters reports that a US District Judge has confirmed a $14m arbitration award made to 3 former Merrill Lynch brokers, who were fired from the firm in October 2003 over claims that they were involved in market timing of mutual funds. The brokers always claimed that they had done nothing wrong, and said that Merrill's policy in this matter was vague and unworkable.

Job Loss Fears - Will There Be A General Bloodbath ?

Fears are growing that, with big transformational mergers now on the horizon and large companies like Citigroup coming under pressure over costs, there's likely to be blood on the streets as staff who work in the financial markets come in the firing line and face the prospect of losing their jobs.

ABN AMRO Latest, German Banks Now Takeover Targets

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Barclays President Bob Diamond indicated Tuesday that he had spoken to several bank shareholders who were 'pretty happy' about the prospect of the proposed merger deal with Dutch bank ABN AMRO. Diamond's comments came in the wake of reports that the deal might not be in the interests of Barclays investors as a merged unit could be a drag on profits until at least 2009.