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Credit Suisse Banker Still Can't Leave Romania

The Associated Press has reported that Vadim Benyatov, the Credit Suisse banker who was arrested in Romania in November on commercial espionage charges, has finally been freed from clink after a successful appeal. He will, however, be required to remain in the country for a further 30 days, while prosecutors conclude their investigations.

BofA, Citi, Deutsche, Morgan Stanley

PR Newswires reports that Ian Banwell, Bank of America's chief investment officer, has resigned to start an alternative investment management company, Round Table Investment Management. BofA will take a minority equity stake in the new firm.

Browne Gay In The Ring - He Had To Go

Lord Browne was forced to step down as CEO of BP last week in dramatic circumstances. And the fact that Browne is gay has given rise to the predictable chorus that the City and business generally is homophobic.

Analysts & Associates In Demand As M&A Remains Hot

2006 proved to be the best year for M&A ever - deals hit an all-time high of around $3.7 trillion, surpassing the previous 2000 high of $3.4 trillion. Many thought that 2007 couldn't possibly be as good a year for M&A as last year, but there's been a recent surge in activity. M&A pipelines are strong, the appetite for deals shows no sign of letting up, and analysts and associates remain in big demand.

Chaos - How Not To Sell A Bank

The debacle that is the sale of Dutch bank ABN AMRO descended into chaos Thursday, after a Dutch court ruled that the bank's board was in error for denying shareholders the right to vote on the sale of US retail business LaSalle to Bank of America. The judge said that the proposed disposal of LaSalle constituted a change of strategy and should therefore have been presented to investors for their views. The sale has been placed on ice.

Top Firm Banker Arrested In Office By FBI

Brady Dougan officially takes over as CEO of Credit Suisse Group today. He'll be a tad miffed, though, that one of his investment bankers has spoiled his big day by getting arrested and carted off to jail yesterday, charged with 25 counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy for his alleged involvement in an insider trading scam.