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Former Goldman co-CEO Says 'I Should Be Dead'

Bloomberg reports that, some 6 weeks after surviving a car accident in which he wasn't wearing a seat selt, former Goldman co-CEO (and current New Jersey Governor) Jon Corzine has admitted on US public service television that he shouldn't really be around.

Trapped - Firm Bankers Going Nowhere

There will clearly be some nervous staff over at Dutch bank ABN AMRO. As the company board goes about the process of selling itself / merging in the same manner it has operated the bank for the past 6 years (in a muddled and inefficient way), some of the firm's staff, especially those working in the investment bank, will be eyeing the exits - but they don't really have much choice about where they can move to next.

A Sickie Needs To Be A Quickie At Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch hit the news earlier this week when word leaked out that the firm has told US employees that it was slashing their annual sick leave tolerance from 10 periods of 4 days. Anyone absent for 4 days or more, it seems, could now lose pay. And termination could be on the cards after just 9 days. (Can you imagine this being adopted in Europe ? In France and Germany you seem to only have to WORK 9 days a year!)

JPMorgan Up Sh.t Greek

Spare a thought for JPMorgan. According to The Financial Times, the firm has been dragged into a scandal in Greece 'about the way that complex financial instruments have been sold to local pension funds'.

Ex-Banker Jailed For Hit & Run Killing

A former Managing Director at Barclays Wealth Management in San Francisco was sentenced to 3 years in prison last week after a 2005 hit and run accident which resulted in the death of a middle-aged female.

2007 Bonuses, Wealthy Bankers & Hedge Fund Billionaires

Reuters reports that US compensation consultants Johnson Associates released a new study Tuesday which suggested that 2007 bonuses for many traders are likely to rise by up to 15% on last year. Bankers operating in the private equity space can expect to see their wads rise by up to 20%.