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Jim Cramer Rant On Bear Stearns & Ben Bernanke

Jim Cramer is a director and co-founder of He is also the host of CNBC's 'Mad Money', and had a recent pop at Bear Stearns and US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke. Although Cramer's 'rant' is at times a little technical, it's great entertainment value.

Bear With A Sore Head

Bear With Sore Head

Bear Stearns is back in the headlines again Monday - the firm has settled on a fall guy for its hedge fund and related problems. President and co-COO Warren Spector has been asked to fall on his sword, and has done so (no doubt with a decent payoff).

More ABN AMRO Nonsense

The Financial Times reported Friday that The Royal Bank of Scotland consortium (RBS, Fortis and Santander) is feeling miffed that they are not playing on a level field as they battle for control of Dutch bank ABN AMRO.

BofA, NatWest Three, RBS, UBS, LBOs

The Wall Street Journal reports that former Bank of America securities man Paul Risoli pleased guilty to criminal charges late last week, after admitting his involvement in an alleged insider-trading scam.

Hedge Fund Disaster May Be On The Cards

Reuters reports that industry experts expect disaster could loom large when hedge funds start releasing data on their July performance. The news agency quotes Jack Yang, a partner in $40bn hedge fund Highland Capital, who has said that 'the numbers are going to be all over the place'.