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Mixed Views On Future Market Prospects

The news is mixed about the future prospects of the markets. Some feel that the news this week that UBS has finally got out in front of its subprime problems and that Lehman has put to bed any doubts about its own liquidity position mean that the worst is over. Others are not so sure.

More On The Market Madness

Trading Floor - New York Stock Exchange

It wasn't just UBS making the news Tuesday. On the day that the Swiss bank announced a $12bn first-quarter loss after some $19bn of asset write-downs, other firms too were hitting the headlines.

Risk - Those Who Can, Do - Those Who Can't Teach (Or Preach)

You gotta love those good old boys over at UK market regulator The Financial Services Authority (FSA). Every time there's a crisis they come out and up the salaries for their staff in order to attract the City's best. Talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted! Wouldn't it be better to hire the brightest and best in order to ensure that a crisis doen't occur in the first place ?!




Deloitte Denies Standard Chartered Suicide Link

Deloitte partner Daniel Pirron's body was discovered in Trumbull, Connecticut last Monday, next to a rented SUV with out-of-state plates. There was a single gunshot wound to his right temple, according to police. Pirron's family believe that his death is linked to the Standard Chartered money-laundering scandal.