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Traders Who Pop Pills May Be More Successful

A study of brain activity undertaken by researchers at Stamford University has revealed that the same neural network appears to govern the pleasure we get from engaging in se.ual activity, the sensation obtained taking a drug like cocaine, and the high traders get by risking their firm's capital on the markets.

Gender Discrimination - A Female Perspective

The following article was penned by Hydie Sumner, a female MBA who has worked on Wall Street for over 20 years. Hydie was one of the few claimants in Cremin et al v Merrill Lynch to take her case through a public arbitration in the US. She won her claim and the right to have her job back.

I Wanna Work At....(Boys Will Be Boys)

We're asking you to vote for the company or organisation of your dreams (the company/organisation that you'd really like to work for). And boys being boys, it's not surprising to see Playboy Inc currently on top.

Bonused-Up Banker Spends £36,000 On Bar Bill

You can tell that the good times are back. Just six weeks ago, the hunt was on to find the identity of the 'Champagne' banker who ran up a £41,000 tab for one seemingly wild night on the town with friends at West End club Mo*vida. The final bill is said to have included £15,000 to go towards the damage done to a private room. Well, a bonused-up hedge fund manager appears to have gone one better last week (at least on the drinks front). Another unknown rich-kid racked up a £36,000 bar bill at the Baglioni Hotel's Aviva bar.