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Firms Ban The 'L' Word

Here Is The City is trying to do its bit for diversity by flagging up Stonewall's Recruitment Guide for Gay & Lesbian students. Trying to be helpful, we put a link to the guide on our news e-mail alerts.

Proof That Dead Cats Don't Bounce reports that 23 dead cats were found in a condemned $2.6m mansion in New Jersey last week, after the authorites were alerted when a delivery person got a whiff of a strong odour and became worried that there was a dead body inside. The house was recently sold in a foreclosure sale by Cynthia and Philip Tamis, who suffered financial problems following the bankruptcy of Mrs Tamis's business in 2003. Mr Tamis, said to be a broker at Merrill Lynch, was put on administrative leave last Wednesday.

Who You'd Like To Entertain You - The Results

We heard a lot about artists like The Rolling Stones, Kylie Minogue, Rod Stewart and others being hired by firms (or bankers) to strut their stuff at private functions. So we wanted to find out who you, given the choice, would like your firm to bag to entertain you.

Is This Guy The Unluckiest Banker Alive ?

Michael Berger is now 35. Charged, and pleading guilty to fraud, in the US in 2000, he went on the run in 2002 before he was sentenced. He has now been apprehended in Austria, where he was born, and US authorities are trying to get him back to send him away for up to 10 years in clink.