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Job Loss Tally Increases As More Firms Wield Axe

It's commonly estimated that 170,000 financial markets jobs have already been lost / announced in the last 12 months (at banks, brokers, hedge funds, and asset / mutual funds). Many feel, however, that we are only halfway through, and that another 170,000 jobs will be cut before this crisis has played out.

Top Traders Likely To Take Bulk Of Firm Bonus Pots

The days of the big bonuses are over. Unless, of course, you happen to be a top trader who is responsible for generating substantial revenues for your firm. And these front office types are likely to walk off with the lion's share of this year's (much smaller) bonus pots.

Top Firm Drops $9bn In One Day

Citi Dog

Citigroup's market cap dropped a massive $9bn in New York trading Wednesday, as the shares closed 22% down to $6.45. The stock is now trading at a 13-year low.