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More Execs Forgo Bonuses

Bowing to the inevitable at last, Citigroup has now confirmed that CEO Vikram Pandit, chairman Sir Win Bischoff and senior adviser Robert Rubin will forgo their bonuses this year.

Spinning Hedgie Caught Off Balance (Again)

In June, a New York jury aquitted broker Christopher Carter of assaulting hedge fund manager Stuart Sugarman over an altercation during a spinning class in the Equinox fitness club on the Upper East Side in August 2007.

The Weekend That Changed The Face Of Wall Street

The weekend beginning Saturday, 13th September, will go down as the two-day period that changed the face of Wall Street. Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch were on the ropes, at the mercy of short sellers. Rumours and speculation were rife. Would Lehman fall or merge ? Would the US government come to the rescue with a bailout ? Would Merrill Lynch be the next shoe to drop ? And what would happen to Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley ? As a comprehensive Wall Street Journal article has now made clear, the decisions made over those two days sealed the fate of all these key financial markets players.

More Madoff & Other News

Associated Press reports that the brother of Thierry de la Villehuchet, the financier who is thought to have killed himself earlier this week due to the fact that he had monies invested with Bernie Madoff, has said that his sibling indeed had 'several tens of millions' with the alleged fraudster.