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Can't Get A Job & Been Told Not To Bother Trying

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'I was laid-off in late October, after over 20 years with the same firm, and almost 30 years in the securities industry. Unlike many of my peers, I had never been laid-off before, and, given my age, I was worried about what awaited me. But I never felt that it would be as bad as it's been over the last few months to get another job. In spite of everything I have done, I just can't get another job at a securities firm. And, in fact, several people, including the career advisor paid for by the bank, have told me to basically not to bother trying until things pick up, hopefully later this year.

Why I'd Be Happy With The President's Comp Package

'There's a lot of talk about the Democrats limiting our pay to the $400,000 per annum salary received by US President Barack Obama. Although this will mean a substantial pay-cut for me in cash terms, I'd gladly swap my own compensation package for Obama's. Just think of the perks.

'War On Bankers'

Al Capone

If there was any doubt about who were going to be the fall guys for the global financial and economic crisis, then it became very clear Thursday, when US President Barack Obama took the extraordinary step of coming out publicly and blasting the banks for paying 'shameful' bonuses to their employees. The 'War On Bankers' is on, as market professionals have now officially become public enemy number one.

Tops Firms Said To Be Considering More Big Layoffs

The Wall Street Journal reports that Morgan Stanley is said to be considering laying-off an additional 5% of its 47,000 employees. Any layoffs are likely to be announced in the next two weeks, and are thought likely to affect operations, IT and support staff.



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Is The Head of Barclays' Pay Committee Up To The Job ?

The mystery is why Alison Carnwath, former chair of Barclays' remuneration committee, waited so long to put it on the record. It has been long known that she disagreed with Barclays' decision to award Bob Diamond, the then chief executive, a £2.7m bonus for 2011. But she didn't mention her disagreement with the other directors when resigning from the board last July. She merely cited her regret that she was no longer able to devote "sufficient time" to her non-executive duties.