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Top Firm To Create Thousands More Jobs

KFC Bankers

Fast food chain KFC is creating thousands of new jobs as in invests millions of dollars in opening new outlets. And the good news is that the company operates a non-discriminatory hiring policy, and will even consider applications from out-of-work bankers!

Financier Charged With $8bn Fraud

Sir Robert Allen Stanford KCN, 58, is a prominent financier who has now been charged with an $8bn fraud and manifold violations of US securities laws by US market regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Jobsworth Causes Red Faces At Top Firm

Last month US Airways flight 1549 was downed seconds after take-off from New York's La Guardia airport, after a gaggle of Canada geese flew into the engines. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of the flight crew (and especially the pilot), everyone on board walked away unhurt.