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Here's Your Bonus - Now You See It, Now You Might Not

We reported last month that Dresdner Kleinwort apparently issued its staff with their bonus numbers in December. But the letters included a 'material adverse change clause', which made it clear that the number contained therein was really only a provisional figure, which could be subject to change, and that any bonuses anyway wouldn't be paid until the end of February.

Top Firm Restricts Events Due To 'Negative Press'

Dealbreaker has the following memo, which it claims was sent to Bank of Amercia employees by the firm's Marketing team. Interesting that the main driver to stop the 'jollies' mentioned appears to be not being outed in the press, rather than simply containing costs.

How Did Your Boss Do Before Congress ? We Grade CEOs

Eight 'Wall Street Titans' rocked up to Capital Hill Wednesday for a grilling over bailouts, bonuses and all the other baloney. It made for great theatre, and gave us a chance to get to know some of these guys a little better. So, based on their performances Wednesday, we have graded 'em.