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25 Year-Old Beauty Ditches Once-Rich Banker

Bloomberg reports that the smart money feels that the credit crunch is likely to result in further marriage / relationship break-ups, as money problems and difficult domestic arrangements just don't go. The news agency quotes Sandra Davis from Mishcon de Reya, who said: 'The credit crunch shows the more sinister side of human nature. When there are problems in a relationship, money papers over the cracks. But when the money is gone, the cracks are visible'.

Citi Shares Fall Below $1, As Weill Said To Fume

Shares in Citi fell to 97 cents intra-day Thursday (before closing at $1.02). The stock has now fallen some 85% this year, and is currently trading at its lowest levels since Citicorp and Travelers came together to form Citigroup in 1997.

Merrill Lynch's Top 2008 Earners Revealed

The Wall Street Journal has identified some of the bankers who bagged the most in compensation over at Merrill Lynch last year. The figures are said to have been compiled from documents and interviews with unnamed 'people familiar with the situation'.

UBS Clams Up

Reuters reports that UBS has again refused to provide most of the names of US clients sought by the US government in connection with a tax evasion probe.

Open Letter In Defense Of Dresdner Kleinwort Bankers

'Here Is The City' expressed some scepticism about the legal claims currently under consideration by some bankers over at Dresdner Kleinwort in respect of the 'variable' element of their compensation (ie their bonuses), so you may be interested in the views of one who is involved.



Another Bad Week For Barclays

Barclays has form as a clever-clogs deal-doer. In the infamous Protium transaction in 2009 it cast off a $12.3bn collection of toxic assets to a Cayman Islands-registered fund, led by departing Barclays employees, which borrowed a cool $12.6bn from Barclays itself to do the deal.