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'Lehman' Staff Said To Get Double Colleagues' Pay

Bloomberg reports that graduates originally recruited by Lehman Brothers in Japan are now starting work at Nomura, which took on the US firm's Asia-Pac businesses late last year. The trouble is, so it seems, the Lehman brigade are bagging an annual salary equivalent to $66,000 (plus bonuses), whilst their colleagues hired directly by Nomura are said to on rather less than half that amount. And all pigs are equal.

Firm Says 2,200 HQ Staff Will Go

Bloomberg reports that Commerzbank has confirmed that it is to eliminate some 2,200 staff from its Frankfurt HQ headcount following the acquisition of Dresdner Bank and investment banking arm Dresdner Kleinwort. Staff numbers will come down to around 9,200.



Barclays Building Sign

Let's Play Barclays £1m Banker Bingo

Have a guess how many people at Barclays earned more than £1m last year? Could it be 100? No, it must be more. HSBC revealed 192 in its ranks in 2011 and Barclays is much bigger in investment banking, which is where the real money is made. So 300? Or 500? Even more?

Pot Of Gold

Wall Street's New Normal: Fewer Jobs, But Higher Pay

The Wall Street compensation estimates New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli issued on Tuesday are only the latest evidence in an inexorable move toward fewer jobs in the industry and - here's the surprise - higher average pay.