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CEO's Ex-Wife Gets A Bigger Bonus Than Most Of His Bankers


While most of us worry about our jobs, and the mundane things in life like paying the mortgage and clothing the kids, Credit Suisse CEO Brady Dougan is no doubt stressing over the $970,000 he has been ordered by a Connecticut appeals court to pay his ex-wife for being 10 days late with the final instalment of his divorce settlement.

Top Firm Said Mulling Splitting Up The Empire

The Financial Times reports that, despite receiving a $4.4bn bid from private equity firm CVC Partners for its iShares unit, Barclays could end up selling the whole of its Barclays Global investors business to either Bank of New York Mellon or BlackRock.

Top Firm Fined Over $120m Rogue Trader

Unhappy Trader

Morgan Stanley has been fined $2.1m by UK financial market regulator The Financial Services Authority (FSA), after London-based credit trader Matthew Piper was found to have mispriced his trading book and successfully hid losses for a period of up to 6 months. The firm evenutally repriced his positions by some $120m.

'Take It Or Else!' - Docs Reveal Firms Forced To Take Government Aid

Documents acquired by US public-interest group Judicial Watch by means of a Freedom of Information request demonstrate that former US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson gave nine US banks no choice but to accept billions in equity injections last October, when the markets were reeling after the fall on Lehman Brothers.

Quitting A Bailed-Out Firm For More Money ? Forget It!

Those bankers currently working for bailed-out US banks who think that their financial wellbeing might be better served by going elsewhere, might want to think again. And that's because the Obama administration is now said to be looking at extending prudent financial market pay policies beyond firms with TARP funding.