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Staff Said Evacuated From HQ - To Make Room For Bonus Cash!

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Those wags over at Dealbreaker were enjoying themselves yesterday. The website points out that Goldman staff evacuated the firm's 85 Broad Street NY headquarters building Wednesday (some say due to another low-flying aircraft, although Goldman insists it was merely a routine fire drill).

Ex-Morgan Stanley Man Gets 38 Months

Bloomberg reports that Darin DeMizio, a former stock lending supervisor over at Morgan Stanley, was banged up for 38 months for his part in a stock-lending scheme that resulted in $1.7m in kickbacks being paid to his family.

The Biggest Losers

The Biggest Loser

Fortune magazine has a list of the Top 50 money losing firms in 2008. Here's the top 20 in the financial institutions category.




Ex-Credit Suisse CDO Chief Pleads Guilty

Kareem Serageldin, the ex-global head of Credit Suisse’s structured credit trading business, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, saying that when he discovered subordinates falsifying the value of mortgage-backed bonds in late 2007, he joined the scheme rather than stop it.