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It's The Easiest Time To Get A New Job In Over 2 Years

Smiley Faces

It's been a tough two years and, although the jury is still out on the strength of the recovery, investment banks and other financial institutions are beginning to re-hire, as they anticipate a pick-up in advisory mandates and debt and equity underwriting.

Firm CEO Incompetency League Table

Stan O'Neal - Number One

A number of financial markets firms have lost their CEOs over the course of the last 18 months, and we thought it would be interesting to look at the 10 most (in)famous and rank them in accordance with their incompetence.

Top CEO Received Death Threat

The New York Times 'Deal Book' Column reveals that, according to Duff McDonald's recent book 'Last Man Standing - The Assent of Jamie Dimon', the JPMorgan Chase boss was one of the recipients of the 65 letters sent in the mail last October which claimed to contain anthrax.



Ferrari Crash Japan

9-Year-Old Ferrari Driver Sparks Outrage

The sight of a third-grader driving a $200,000 sports car in a country with crippling poverty has touched off a new round of controversy in the East over the new class of the super-rich, and the dangers of wealth gone wild.