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Top CEO Received Death Threat

The New York Times 'Deal Book' Column reveals that, according to Duff McDonald's recent book 'Last Man Standing - The Assent of Jamie Dimon', the JPMorgan Chase boss was one of the recipients of the 65 letters sent in the mail last October which claimed to contain anthrax.

The Vic Daniels Column

Letters are taking days to arrive, and some don't appear to be getting through at all. Is the Royal Mail on strike again ?

Citi's Pandit Does Well, BofA 'Dissidents' On Attack

The New York Times reports that, according to a person 'with knowledge of the situation', Citi CEO Vikram Pandit has come out OK in the report compiled by consultants at Egon Zehnder at the behest of officials at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, who raised concerns about the competency of the firm's leadership.