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Tragic Banker Rehearsed Suicide Before Killing Himself

Bloomberg reports that, according to the coroner investigating his death, former ABN AMRO executive Huibert Boumeester rehearsed his suicide 3 months before he actually shot himself. The banker, 49, died of gunshot wounds and was found in woodland in Berkshire in June.

Even More Compensation News

Bloomberg reports that the compensation reform bill introduced by Senate Banking Committee chairman Christopher Dodd Tuesday has been described as 'a toothless tiger' which will do little to impact investment banker pay and rein in excesses. The bill still only provides corporate boards advisory responsibilities on compensation, and recommendations can still be ignored by management.

Reservoir Gods

Reservoir Gods

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein claimed in a Sunday Times article that bankers do 'God's work'.

Brokers Complain Of Bailed-Out Banks Bullying Tactics

Tim Linacre, CEO of Panmure Gordon, Oliver Hemsley, boss over at Numis, and Alex Snow, chairman of Evolution, have written a joint letter to City Minister Lord Myners, complaining that bailed-out UK banks are forcing clients to use their own investment banking services as the price of continuing financial support.



EU Bank Bonus Cap To Put Pressure On US

As EU regulators mull introducing the world's strictest bonus cap, the president of the European parliament told CNBC that the plan could put pressure on the U.S. to follow suit.