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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

A few readers have commented on the fact that the shortlist of candidates being mentioned in connection with the Bank of America CEO vacancy is heavy male-biased - only one candidate out of around 30 possibilities.

Bank of America 'Is Not A Monarchy'

Activist Bank of America shareholder Finger Interests has written to stockholders and the bank's board, pointing out its view that an outside candidate would be the best bet to take over from departing CEO Ken Lewis.

Scruffy Civil Servant Warns Tax Dodgers

The UK's HM Revenue and Customs has launched a campaign on YouTube to convince tax dodgers with offshore accounts to come clean about their income. The blunt message warns that people simply can't defraud the taxman any more, and says that wrongdoers could end up in jail.

Bankers Will Have The Last Laugh On Pay

Laughing Nightmare

As the heads of Wall Street's top 28 firms got hauled in front of the New York Federal Reserve Monday and told to toe-the-line on compensation ('or else'), and as Lloyds Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland agreed to a bonus clampdown in the UK, please fear not for bankers - as they are still likely to have the last laugh when it comes to pay.