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Calls Grow For Banker Pay Curbs / Splitting Up Big Firms

The Times reports that Mervyn King, the Governor of The Bank of England, told the UK Treasury Select Committee Tuesday that bankers need to take permanent pay cuts and allign their compensation more closely with that paid to those who work in other professions.

Goldman Staff Have The Last Laugh On Bonuses

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They've called it the $30bn speech - that's the value wiped off shares in top US companies in the minutes after President Obama announced on Thursday that he was to introduce measures to reduce the size of financial institutions and limit their ability to take on risk.

Goldman Said To Have Driven Hard Bargain

Bloomberg reports that, according to documents obtained by US lawmakers, Goldman Sachs 'was the most aggressive bank counterparty to AIG before its bailout, demanding more collateral while assigning lower values to real estate assets backed by the insurer'.