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Hank Paulson - 'I Am Really Scared'

Former US Treasury Secretary (and Goldman CEO) Hank Paulson has a new book out - 'On The Brink'. Here's a few lines from the book, and some soundbites from recent interviews he has given to publicize it.

'Kill All The Bankers'

The Wall Street Journal reports that the 'unofficial theme' of the World Economic Forum at Davos has been 'First, kill all the bankers'.

48,000 City Staff Lost Their Jobs During Downturn

The Times has reported that, according to UK 'think-tank' the Centre for Economics and Business Research, some 48,000 London-based professionals lost their jobs during the downturn which followed the US subprime meltdown in 2007.

The Vic Daniels Column

The newspapers are full of England captain John Terry's alleged affair with the estranged lover of best friend, former Chelsea team-mate and ex-nextdoor neighbour Wayne Bridge.

Firms Get Tough On Bonus Clawbacks / Relaxed On Restricted Stock

Hand over Money

The Wall Street Journal reports that JPMorgan Chase has now tightened its bonus clawback provisions to include any employee who is found to have taken on excessive risk, and any staff member who did not whistle-blow on bad risk taking. The newspaper also reports that Morgan Stanley has now revised its bonus clawback terms, enabling it to reclaim bonuses for 3 years in the event of subsequent realizable losses.



Dog Detective

FX Rates Said To Face Global Regulation

Global regulators may start overseeing currency rates in a widening response to benchmark-rate setting scandals that began with revelations on the manipulation of Libor, according to two people familiar with the matter.