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Fired On His First Day

43-year old Fermin Aldabe rocked up for his first day at work as head of Standard Chartered's complex product risk management in Singapore in December 2008. Unfortunatley, it would prove to be his last day working for the bank.

E-Mails Could Be Goldman's 'Smoking Gun'

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) not only charged Goldman Sachs with fraud Friday. The regulator also charged 31-year-old Fabrice Tourre, a VP-level firm trader who is said to have structured and marketed the CDO at the centre of the fraud accusations.

Silly HR, Picasso Problems, Self-Destructing E-Mails

Oh dear. The Times 'City Diary' reported last week that a senior HR type, who allegedly works at Axa, was doing some work on the train on Friday. Fine - but the diarist did wonder if it was really sensible to discuss a forthcoming salary review over the phone in public!