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JPMorgan Seeks To Kick Out Whistleblower Suit

Reuters reports that JPMorgan Chase has asked a Manhattan federal court to kick out a lawsuit filed by top private banker Jennifer Sharkey, who claims she was fired after urging the bank to cut its ties with a client of longstanding who generated some $600,000 in fees annually.

Quotes Of The Week

JPMorgan is apparently a bit miffed that it is being sued by Lehman's bankruptcy estate for billions, over claims that the firm's collateral calls in September 2008 caused Lehman liquidity problems and pushed it further towards failure.

Credit Suisse - On The Up

The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to figures provided by data firm Dealogic, Credit Suisse has 'shot up' to second spot in the global M&A league table year to date, behind only Goldman Sachs.