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The Truth About Goldman Sachs And The Office Bugs

Toy Bug

When we first saw those headlines last week about Goldman Sachs and its office bugs, we immediately thought that President Obama may have done a Nixon, and that the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover was walking The White House halls once more. But no, the bugs in question were the bed kind, rather than surveillance types.

Bored Bankers Said To Sweat Underground For Glory

Reuters reports that some bankers at the likes Deutsche, Goldman, JPMorgan Macquarie and Morgan Stanley, doubtless once looking forward to a decent summer break and some World Cup viewing, have instead found themselves stuck in 'a musty, gloomy, underground area' at AGBank's Beijing headquarters, where they are subjected to core group ideas e-mails in the early hours, sent by Chinese bureaucrats intent on testing their mettle and commitment to the cause.